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Outdated home security system in Tucson
September 15, 2020

Can I Order a Tuscon Security System Installation With Existing Hardware?

So you have an existing security system and you’d like to add the protection of ADT monitoring. Maybe your custom home already has a wired security system. Or did you purchase a DIY doorbell camera and now want to use a full security system? You may even currently use a system with a different company, but aren’t happy with their offerings.

Fortunately, you might be able to have a Tucson security system installation with existing hardware -- depending on the situation.

You Moved Into A Home With Existing Security Hardware Already Wired In

When you bought your new house, you found out it had a security system that was previously installed. Now that you’re moved in, don’t wait to activate it. Unless your hardware is vastly outdated, you can most likely reactivate it. An installer will still visit your house to make sure the equipment is still in good repair and maybe even swap out your touchscreen control center. And because you currently own the hardware, you may be eligible for a lower-cost monthly bill.

However, don't feel like you're boxed into your old system. A lot of new accessories can integrate with your current ADT-monitored security system. So, don’t hesitate to purchase devices, such as monitored smoke detectors or security cameras, for a more well-rounded security system. Your technician can also switch out components for a more up-to-date experience.

Tucson security system monitoring.

You Want To Incorporate A Complete Security System Around Your DIY Component

A while ago, you might have set up an indoor camera or a smart lock as a standalone occurrence. Now, you want the benefit of a comprehensive Tucson security system with 24/7 monitoring. But rather than replacing that one-off device, can you sync it with the new security system?

Many times yes -- but there’s no guarantee. Components such as doorbell cameras, glass break sensors, and smart locks that employ Z-Wave technology have a better ability to integrate. Following that, it's an easy process to connect the device to your ADT control panel. Be aware that bargain-basement or older security devices may not integrate with new systems and will have to be replaced. Simply call Secure24 Alarm Systems, and they can let you know which prior devices can work with the control panel and mobile app.

You’re Looking To Keep Using Your Current Alarm Equipment But Switch Monitoring Companies

If the security service you currently have isn't what you expected, you might think about changing companies without changing your hardware. First, you’ll need to see if your current service has exclusive hardware. If they do, then a change in security monitoring will mean a re-installation of all your devices. That might feel like a pain, but when it’s done you'll own the best, newest technology that may be more sophisticated and easier to use.

If you can switch, then the transition may be more straightforward. Just verify that you’re not in the middle of a contract before you make the switch. You may find yourself paying for two security contracts! You'll need to change out outdated or unusable devices, but the monitoring change should be smooth for most customers .

Contact Secure24 Alarm Systems To Find Out If You Can Get a Tuscon Home Security Installation With Your Existing Hardware

To find out if your current hardware will work in your new ADT-monitored home security system, contact Secure24 Alarm Systems. Our security professionals will walk through your preferences and find out what components you can still use and which devices will require an upgrade. Contact us at (520) 485-5682 or send in the form on this page to start your quote.